When websites turn against me #1: The Oatmeal

Published on October 14 2012

Part of the joy of the super culture that is the WWW is it's perpencity to mock superficial faults in our behaviour, and our ability to laugh along with them. Generally this requires only the smallest bit of salt as far as we're concerned, but there's that rare time when the particulars are so particular I fear the websites in question have formed sentience and are speaking directly to me. And always my favourite websites! Never the one's I'm pre-disposed to despise.


So the first 'as it comes' instance of this came from the terrific king of nerdy internet cynacism www.theoatmeal.com, and their comic about helping others in a time of little need; moving everythign out of a two bedroom apartment, including a collection of books you've been moving from place to place that serve no more purpose than a chiapet.


The comic in question can be viewed by clicking the picture.




The worst part is I've only read two of them.

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